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I just came in to my son ssi back money.I think that is real stupid that we cannot use to bed money to purchase them clothes shoes or food now this child has been living off of me for year and a half and they won't even give me $2000 of what he got that is crazy what can I do or who can I speak to about this matter.


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Michelle - posted on 12/27/2014




I'm with the other ladies, YOU chose to have a child and if you were naive enough to think it wouldn't cost YOU anything then you really shouldn't have had him.
Children cost money, a lot of it over 18 years. They don't get any cheaper either. If you are struggling to support a toddler then maybe look at giving him up for adoption so someone who actually wants to support and nurture a child that can't have one of their own, can.

Jodi - posted on 12/27/2014




I can't believe you are referring to your son as "living off of me". For a whole year and a half!!! You have another 16 1/2 years (or more) to go!!! Get used to it. Kids live off their parents. That's the way it works.

Use your own money for his food and clothes and use the back money for the things you are permitted to use it for. I know nothing about SSI (I am not in the US), but I'm assuming there IS a purpose for you receiving that back money - use it as intended.

Dove - posted on 12/27/2014




My kids have been living off of me for 13 years. I'm their mom and they are all minors... it's my job to provide all their needs for them.

I have a friend who's 7 year old son just got SSI. I think they are allowed to use his SSI for things like back rent and stuff. You would have to talk to your agent to find out what you can and can not spend the money on... and follow their rules or risk losing it all.

Amy - posted on 12/27/2014




Children live off their parents, it's part of being a parent, supporting them buying food and clothing. If you don't like how they dictate how you have to spend the money they give you then don't take any of it and spend your own money how you want.

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