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My son in 14 months and I stay pretty busy. Sometimes, I feel like I don't stop to just play, and I want to know what ya'll do in order to capture these precious moments in a fast paced life-style:) Thanks!


Ariana - posted on 11/24/2013




Make a routine that has you two doing something.

I read to my son every night before bed. Sometimes I get home really late, and I'm tired and now (he's 4) he will insist on me reading him at least one story.

Something like that is good because you can do it every day and it's easy and fun, good for them and happens every day (you might not always have time to take them to the park, but you have 5 minutes to read a little story before bed).

Otherwise do the best you can. I took my son out on the weekend but I've been really busy all week, I didn't have time to go to the park, or go to the library, so I made sure I spent a day on the weekend taking him out to something based mostly on him and having some fun (even though it was cold). Do what you can realistically. Try to think of quick activities you can do together that only take like 5 minutes (especially at his age). You can still sing songs and play silly games with him at this age, whereas with my son I might try to draw a picture or play with stickers for a bit.

Simple quick things, and the occassional big activity based just on him are the best way. And a routine activity (like reading books before bed) that you will do every day.

At least that's what I'm doing and I think it's helpful. I'd love to hear any more advice on it, but I think it's all about doing the best you can and trying to create good moments and keep your expectations realistic (so you don't overextend yourself or start to feel guilty when you can't meet your unrealistic expectations).

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