Question About A Toddler's Eating Habits, Please Help!!

Sarah - posted on 02/27/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




My Son Is 15 Months Old And Hardly Eats Anything. Is This Just A Phase Or What? It Scares Me And Makes Me Feel Like He Isn't Getting Enough To Eat. Please Help!


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It is just a phase. It can be scary, yes, but he won't starve. He will eat when he is hungry and eat until he is full. Relax. If it really stresses you out take him to the doctor and let the doctor tell you the same thing.
:) good luck.

Krista - posted on 02/27/2011




Toddlers are notorious for being bad eaters! I think it is just a phase. My two year old will have a few weeks of eating like crazy, and then the next week he'll barely eat. I just make sure I keep offering him food (and no junk food if he refuses a meal). Kids won't starve themselves, and he'll eat well eventually.


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Neva - posted on 03/06/2011




Yes it is a phase, but you don't want to set up bad habits either. After a baby turns a year old their appetites slow down because they are no longer growing as fast. The first year of life is the fastest period of growth in a child's life. Think about it, they start out at around 7 pounds on average and triple that weight by a year. If they grew as fast the second year of life, they would be 70 pounds by 2. Since they are not growing as fast, they don't eat as much either. Most kiddos this age have one meal a day where they eat well and the rest they pick at or not at all. The problems begin when parents get worried that their child is going to starve and start trying to find something that the child "likes," whether that be milk or some other food. I would offer healthy foods at meal time, and healthy snacks scheduled in between. Have the child sit in his high chair for these times and let him decide how much of the food he wants to eat. Don't let him run around all day with a bottle or sippy cup because then he won't feel hungry at meal time. Give milk at meal time after solids and a little juice at snack. If he is thirsty in between give him water. Your child will get what he needs over the long run if you are offering healthy foods. They don't have to eat a lot at each meal, and it won't hurt them if they seem to not eat anything at a particular meal either.

Deepti - posted on 02/28/2011




instead of offering him place some food here or there in the house which he can pick easily... kids like their moms to run after them:))) do not panic ur kid will learn to eat slowly... show him that u r relishing ur food and u r getting stronger and he might follow... make ur food items look attractive and colorful... more ideas on:

Rachel - posted on 02/27/2011




I am going through the same thing. My daughter is 12 months and is atill 17lbs so i am concerned about her weight so i just offer snacks more then i did with my son cause he was bigger. They will deffinately eat when they are hungry. you can try making smoothies my daughter loves them and yogurt and stuff like that she also loves finger food. She will not let me feed her very often and is working on using a spoon. Good luck and if you are very concerned call your dr and ask them. they can weigh him and as long as he is with in his curve then they usually wont worry. just dont stress your self out. kids go through phases. it will get to where he is eating constantly and then u will worry about that lol he will be ok. if he is still active and running around and not constantly sleeping he is probably fine. good luck

Brenda - posted on 02/27/2011




Hi Sarah, I think it is just a phase, but talk with your doctor and get a referral to see a nutritionist. I am a foster mom and if I get a fussy eater, I allow them to eat what it is they really like, as long as they are getting food in them.
Make a shake, they seem to enjoy them. If you are worried that he is not getting the vitamins that he need, have to doctor/nutritionist prescribe him some vitamins. For snacks cut up apples in little chunks and let him enjoy.
Try cookies and milk. Frozen yogurt. Mac and cheese. Make your own trail mix. Let him do little things to help you prepare his meals, they tend to enjoy what they make. Try more finger foods. A nutritionist can give you plenty of ideas.
God bless.

Bonnie - posted on 02/27/2011




I think it is probably just a phase. Has he been like this for long? If he is not losing weight or cranky then he is probably okay. My 2 year old will like something one week and then the next he won't eat it.

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