Question about starting baby on solids...

Alison - posted on 12/05/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




So I know to start with single grain cereals....and veggies before fruit.... but I read that you are supposed to introduce pureed meat before the veggies??? My daughter has problems with constipation ( I have been giving her prune juice every day since 3 months). She is almost 6 months now and I will be starting her on solids...but I imagine that meat would be harder for her to digest than veggies and fruit...How did you guys go about introducing solids?


Veronica - posted on 12/05/2009




I have heard no meat until 1 year... read about baby-led weaning. Avacado, banana, even pears are easier to digest than grains and rice so these should be baby's first foods. Think about all the gluten allergies out there. Should we still be giving our kids gluten-filled foods as their first foods? Emerging research says no. My baby's first food was a piece of avacado and she loved it. Then a banana and a pear and some mushy cooked carrots. And if you are breastfeeding there is still no need to wean your baby until she is ready. She will show you signs like grabbing your food and by then you can usually just give her tastes of your food. Breastmilk has all the nutrition they need for years if that is what you are doing. If not, think about baby-led weaning. Just do a search on Google. :) Good luck - offering new experiences in food are fun if done right.


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Iysha - posted on 12/05/2009




I have never heard that and don't think I agree with meats before fruits and veggies. I will give my daughter fuits veggies and the infant cereal for a wile before I introduce meats. Mostly for the reason that I don't want her to like it too much. lol. Her dad is a meat person....has to have red meat all the time....can't stand it. Not sure if it'll make a difference but, it's worth a try. lol

C. - posted on 12/05/2009




I never heard that about the meats.. I gave my son veggies first, then fruits, then meats. He wasn't ready for the meats until he was about 9, maybe 10 months or so.

Rhonda - posted on 12/05/2009




I have not heard about introducing pureed meats before other solids. I had to start my daughter on solids to ensure that she was getting enough food at daycare and keeping hydrated...(long story, so no need for those details on this post). Anyway, we started with level one veggies watered down with some breast milk. We now are on level 2 foods - she is now 7 months - but her absolute favorite is prunes - which helps with constipation! Sweet potatos and bananas can increase the odds of constipation and sometimes the rice cereal does too. You can also try oatmeal instead of the rice watered down. All in all - i think that all of the level 1 foods are of the same consistency, I just wanted to make sure that my little one had a taste for veggies over fruit and both over meat. We STILL have NOT started meats!

Cheryl - posted on 12/05/2009




I didn't do eats until after veggies and fruits for the same reason you stated. Veggies and fruits are easier to digest. And when I iontroduced them it was in the jarred meals like the spaghetti, and the ham and apples... things like that. I never did the jars of just the meat. yuck! Gerber and the Heinz brand have wonderful selections. And I didn't stick to one brand. I got what ever was cheapest or I had a coupon for or what my kids liked.

Michelle - posted on 12/05/2009




I started with rice cereal and breastmilk or formula and then moved to oatmeal with breastmilk or formula. From their it was light colored veggies and fruit and now yo baby yogurt and oatmeal and veggies and fruit. My son is 8 months old and does not like the pureed meats. We tried them and he refuses. He doesnt even like the food with neat and something else in it so we stick to our fruits, veggies and yogurt with cereal. I think it is all a matter of what your child likes. My son did not eat green veggies until recently. Best of luck!

Alison - posted on 12/05/2009




Good cuz I thought the meat thing was stupid and didn't make sense...I read it in this nestle catalogue I get sent to me. The latest one was all about introducing solids. I will ask my pediatrician...but she is already eating rice cereal occasionally, not because she needs to gain weight but because she shows such an interest in our food and seems hungry after her bottle. She is only 2 weeks off being six months so I want to start her soon I think she will be very happy to start on solid food....but the meat thing threw off my whole plan!!!!

Rachel - posted on 12/05/2009




I didnt give my kids meat until they were ready to eat with us at the table. I started them both out with rice cereal and formula, then went to rice cereal and applesause mixed in. After that i started with light colored veggies, (my kids seem to LOVE squash) and I used fruit for their dessert. Neither of my kids liked pureed meat... YUCK. lol.

Stephanie - posted on 12/05/2009




I'm not sure where you red the meat thing, but I have 5 kids and none of them ate meat till they where ready.Mine liked the fruit first after the rice cereal, then slowly there after add another and the meats are NOT needed yet, she/he is getting everything they need already.They really don't have to start solids untill 7 months.And thats if they are ready, I've noticed some mom's have pushed they're kids because they thought they needed some wheight,or that they're baby was not as big as other babies, thats no reason. They all grow as they are ready.Ask your pediatrician they do know best and then after it's up to you.Your gut is good to follow.Mom know's best!

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