Question and afvice needed for transition from spoon fed to self feeding

Jane - posted on 02/27/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My little one no longer wants to be spoon fed, which I'm glad about. My concern is he is no longer eating his morning bowl of oatmeal. Does anyone have any advice or recipes on some kind of homemade breakfast bar that is yummy and full of fiber? He does not have a lot of teeth yet so it needs to be on the softer side. Any suggestions to get more fiber in his diet will be appreciated. Thank you for your help.


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Elfrieda - posted on 02/27/2012




I'll second the yogurt in the oatmeal instead of milk. It's so much stickier. If he manages to get his spoon into the bowl and then to his mouth, he'll be rewarded by some oatmeal no matter which way he holds the spoon, because that stuff is sticky!

Kate CP - posted on 02/27/2012




Give him whole foods like bananas and scrambled eggs. My son is over a year and loves his scrambled eggs in the morning.

Kaitlin - posted on 02/27/2012




as soon as my kiddos stopped wanting to be fed with a spoon, i gave them baby forks and soft finger type foods to eat- they are SO quick to learn fork and spoons! Cut up steamed veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes, bananas, avacados, hard boiled eggs, etc and let them try to use a fork! It'll be a little half and half for a while, but he'll love it. There are also some great 'cookie' recipes that can be used for breakfast bars.

here's a yummy one, you can substitute applesauce for sugar:

Another great idea if your kiddo doesn't have a peanut allergy is peanut butter balls- powdered milk or formula, natural peanut butter, honey (over 1 year old), pureed oats and coconut (if you want) mix into a play dough like consistancy and then mush into balls- kids love them!

I know it's messy, but the best bet is to let him try to feed himself with the spoon! Maybe make the oatmeal a little thicker, and try those bendy spoons that are a little curved so it's easier to get into his mouth. Mushed up sweet potatoes and yogurt mixed with thick oatmeal are also great starters for spoon leanring- it's stickier ;)

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