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Katie - posted on 09/04/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




So A friend of mine has a five month old son and I am really worried about him.

To start she always leaves him in a bouncers seat and the back of his head looks flat. and He has no strength in his legs. can't stand with help and bounce on his feet. he never had tummy time till he was 4 months old so I don't know if he can roll over or not.

Since he was born he has had feeding trouble. so she has this recipe made up for his bottles.

she makes him a 8oz bottle every 6 hours and only 3 oz of that is water, the rest is Apple juice. Then she add rice cereal till its no longer watery. He is always constipated, which I think is because he is not getting enough water.

I don't know what to do. I am really worried about him. I've told her she need to talk to his doctor about his feedings and she says that she does but then I found out that she got kicked out of his doctor because they missed 4 check ups without calling. what do you all think?


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Katie - posted on 09/04/2013




yea, the feeding is my biggest worry. She has been making his bottle this way since about 2 months. she also from time to time will mix baby food into the bottle as well (I know this as she has told me and because I have seen her feeding him colored formula.) the other stuff worries me but I know there is not much I can do.

Michelle - posted on 09/04/2013




I'm concerned about what she's feeding him, not the other things but you can't tell someone else how to raise their child. If you are really concerned then you can make a report about his nutrition so that there is an investigation. Most Mother's don't like being told by their friends that they are raising their children wrong.

Amy - posted on 09/04/2013




A 5 month old should only be drinking formula. That is the big thing that stood out to me, my daughter hated tummy time and never did it, she didn't role over till she was a year old. Things like rolling over, crawling and walking are just generalized time frames there is a large range of what is normal.

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