Questions about getting baby baptized?

Kayli - posted on 11/06/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




We would really like our baby to be baptized, myself and fiance' were baptized as babys and attended church when we were younger. We have our beliefs but we're not "religious". neither of us attend church. The church I was member of and baptized in is too far away. Also his family is Catholic and mine Lutheran. I'm not sure how to go about this or what to do? Any suggestions. . .


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Karen - posted on 11/07/2011




Baptism should be the same regardless of the religion. I was baptized in a protestant church, converted to Catholic later and they considered the baptism when I was an infant to be valid.

Bonnie - posted on 11/07/2011




Helene, you have to be baptised in order to have your child attend a catholic school. Don't know if this is what Kayli wants to have for her children, but this is what we are doing with ours.

Helene - posted on 11/06/2011




Why have your baby baptised if you don't attend church? My husband and I had similar situation as neither of us are religious but had both been baptised ourselves and our parents wanted it. However we decided we would bring our children up with a good moral understanding but probably wouldn't go to church so we couldn't stand in at a baptism and promise we would bring our child to church every Sunday as it would be hypocritical . Do what you feel is right fir you. Good luck.

Sharon - posted on 11/06/2011




We are in Australia, so it maybe a bit different. But once we selected the church, we called the Parish and then met with the Priest. Everything was worked out at that meeting.

Sharlene - posted on 11/06/2011




Hi , Im catholic and not religious but my parent and family members are good cathloic ,my opininon ,well how does baptizing your child mean to you and your husband,do you also want ypur children catholic schools in the futuRE, also do you want them to be married in the catholic church , maybe go and speak to a catholic priest and get there opininon but at the end of the day its up to you and your husband,cheers

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