Questions to ask/ about teen pregnancy

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Hi i am doing a online survey for my project and hoping some people on here can be kind enough to help me out.... Be low are some questions if u like to reply to just a few or all that would be greatly appricated!

Thank you Sabrina:
Interview Questions:
1. How old were you when you go pregnant?
2. What were you like before you go pregnant?
3. Was it an accident? If so what happened?
4. What thoughts were running through your head?
5. Who did u tell first?
6. Is the father still around? If so what did he do to help you
7. Did you finish high school? On time? Not at all?
8. Do you work? What are you currently doing?
9. Are you on your own or living with family?
10. Did the society help you through your troubles (community services and groups?)
11. Did you feel your teachers helped you or shamed you?
12. Being a teen mom, do you think you would of if had a chance to go back- not have a baby so soon?
13. How do you and did you feel about society treating you as a teen mother?
14. What advice would you give other teen mothers?
15. What would you tell society about teen moms? (you opinion)
Interview Questions

1. How old were you when you had your first child?

2.What made you decide to have children at a young age?

3. What were some of the challenges that you faced being a parent at a young age?

4. How did you cope with the difficulties of raising a child?

5. Did you have any goals before becoming a mother, that were hindered after becoming a mother?

6.No doubt every parents gets stressed out as a parent, do you think that being a young parent made the job more stressful?

7. Did you have a second child while you were still in your teenage years? If so, what things did you do differently than with your first child?

8. Was your child a teen mother herself?

9. What would you tell a teenage girl who was considering becoming a mother?

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