Quitting Pop for Crystal light/hawaiian punch singles 2 go

Brittany - posted on 12/14/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




Im tryin too quit pop.But I do not like plain water, so I use crystal light/hawaiian punch singles too go that have 5 calories per pack.Is it bad for you since it has asparatame?Im confused.Im cutting pop out my diet too lose weight.Please tell me your opinion and what you think:)I just switched too it bc I want something with low calories too drink.And whats another good substitute for pop besides water.Thanks!


Laura - posted on 12/15/2010




All I drink is filtered water and home-brewed, unsweetened teas. These are the healthiest options. I do, however, understand the difficulty in transitioning to these options, especially where sugar and artificial sweeteners are concerned. Your body is hooked on the taste of "sweet" and that's a tough taste to overcome. What I did was pay attention to the TYPE of "sweet" that was in my food and drinks then make switches to healthier choices to obtain that sweet taste.

The two worst sweeteners, IMO, are HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and anything artificial. These sweeteners are not natural; they all must be derived by complex chemical processes. These sweeteners are known to cause a host of ailments from migraines (as previously mentioned) to digestive problems and heart disease. Studies are beginning to show (you can Google for these) that weight loss is not really helped by artificial sweeteners. While it is difficult to eliminate HFCS, particularly, completely from the diet, even cutting back can have big benefits. Reading packaging labels is the only way to find better choices of processed food and then expect to pay more for it.

Healthier options for sweeteners, IMO, are those that are either "raw" or that are derived from simple processing such as boiling off the water. These types of sweeteners include honey, molasses, REAL maple syrup, agave, stevia, cane juice & cane juice sugar, and any sugar generally labeled "organic". Not only are these sweeteners "sweet" but many have distinctive flavors that can really add to and compliment foods. There are some brands of sodas and sweet teas that are sweetened with cane juice--these can often be found in local health food stores. Be careful, however, as the overall sugar content will rival that of commercial sodas made with HFCS! The difference is I don't get headaches from drinking them! : ) I usually only have these as a special treat, by the way.

As for transitioning to healthier drink options: As mentioned before, try adding a small amount of fruit juice to plain water. Any citrus fruit, including strawberries, can be sliced and added to plain water; if you want it sweeter, try a slice of orange! A camping trick that I learned from a friend a few years ago to help flavor drinking water while out canoeing--add one Jolly Rancher hard candy to 16 oz of water! The candy will slowly dissolve and gives water a sweet and tangy flavor. That's helpful when you're drinking filtered river water in the wilds! : )

Finally, try making teas at home that you can sweeten with honey. I do not recommend buying pre-packaged teas as these are generally sweetened with HFCS and contain a lot of it! There is the "old school" method of making sun tea: Use approximately 9 regular tea bags to a gallon of cold water and stick in a sunny spot for a few hours. The same recipe can be made on the stove--bring the water to a boil, add the tea bags, remove from the burner and let steep for about 5 minutes (or less if you prefer a weaker tea). Green tea, especially, has a lot of health benefits. You can play around with making herbal teas; mint varieties can be very refreshing cold. Sweeten these with a teaspoon of honey to start with then slowly cut back on the sweetener. Before long you won't notice the need for the teas to even have a sweet taste, especially if you use an herbal variety. While weight loss is an admirable goal (even I am striving to lose a few pounds), the attidude I have taken is that I want my food and food choices to be healthy for me. A lot of commercial, processed food out there is NOT healthy for me so I avoid those choices. I cna usually find other options that are a better choice or I simply make my own product out of healthier ingredients. This goes for the drinks I consume which is why I've given up anything other than "real" liquids like water and tea. Or the occasional raw apple cider! Yum! Hope this helps and best of luck to you!

Karla - posted on 12/14/2010




The is a product made by Crystal Light called PURE FITNESS that is sweetened with cane juice, so I think it is a better choice. I also make pitchers of iced greeen tea and sweeten them with truvia, it is a new more natural sweetner.

Nichole - posted on 12/14/2010




Asparatame gives me mirgraines.I drink juices, milk, water, koolaid, lemonade, and teas.


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Laura - posted on 12/15/2010




I drink the Great Value (walmart brand) of the crystal light stuff. I have gestational diabetes and my dietitian recommended it for me. Yes it has Aspartame but it's better than a bunch of real sugar for me.

Hayley - posted on 12/15/2010




artificial sweeteners are real bad for you i used to drink diet coke but was told by a natropath to give it up straightaway as i was trying to get pregnant and i did it was hard at first. have you tried squeezing frest lemon or lime juice into water. also i used to put a pit of ice tea in a bottle and fill the rest with water just for the taste. now i love to drink very cold plain warer. best of luck.

Rebekah - posted on 12/14/2010




I had used Crystal Light for quite a while too, but I noticed that it gave me this bloated feeling. (that's as much detail as I'm giving there...!) I deliberately went days without, and then tried it again, and had the same effect, so I don't use it anymore for that reason. I know aspartame isn't good either, so that (should be) another reason to stop. What I sometimes do is add just a splash of 100% fruit juice to a glass of water, and that's enough to give it flavor, if you're not excited about tap water. Some people will add lemon, but that's not sweet enough for me. A bit of apple or grape juice is, and the few calories that it contributes is not a concern for me. It doesn't take much to "flavor" the water.

I don't have a link to offer right now, but I know there was a study done that showed that even diet drinks with artificial sweetener were NOT helpful in losing weight because your body is still tricked into thinking its getting sweets, even though it isn't getting the calories. Again, its too late at night now to locate the science behind that, but its out there somewhere! Although we wish we were doing ourselves a favor with the diet drinks (me too), it isn't the solution we imagine it is.

Katherine - posted on 12/14/2010




It gave me migraines too. I used to have to get shots until I figured out what it was.

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