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Jill - posted on 10/25/2014




MY teen girl is currently in Utah in an RTC. She imploded at puberty and began acting out w sexting, then meeting non-minor men for sex in Newark. Fortunately we were able to recover her and start her in treatment. The problem is that in this Utah RTC there is no incorporation of attachment-based approaches with empathy, they are using a model of behavior modification that's 20 years old and developed to help smokers quit smoking. Anyone with a RAD kids knows this modality won't cut it! Except these people, apparently. The other concern is that my daughter was not given a very warm therapist. The protocol seems to be so tied up in compliance and obeying the rules, which is important but, from my reading, RAD kids do worse with authoritarian behavior-based treatment. She's so disregulated and stressed that she's spiraling down into such a negative, defeated place and with each consequence just feels worse about herself and hopeless.
I am worried for her mental health. This is expensive -- our school district is covering 2/3rds of the cost, we are paying $2500 per month for what they say will be 18 months of treatment. We are going to have to sell our house as my husband's job was downsized right around the time this all happened. So we can't afford therapy ourselves and our very expensive Educational Consultant (hired in panic when my daughter ran away) thinks I need to just go with the program and everything is fine -- it's my problem. My daughetr's therapist says the same -- that I need therapy and he's not going to change how he treats her. And my husband doesn't know what to think though he does feel the treatment is punative.

Does anyone have any feedback? We can't bring my daughter home yet, she's not safe at this point, we feel. More work needs to be done. But I just don't know where to turn for support and advice. Anyone have any experience or know a support group online for RAD parents with kids in an RTC?

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