RAFAY my 3.5 month old baby boy has stopped taking milk ....Dr says , he is Teething n side effects of Infacol ...He hardly takes 8-10 ounces a day and that too i force feed him with a Syringe .... He screams with the bottle in his mouth or strongly pushes it out with his Tongue or starts biting the nipple ...currenly he is on Penadol Drops , Bonnisan & woodword's Teething gel ..... what to do ???????????????????????


Connie - posted on 03/04/2012




alright I used hylands teething tablets. they are homeopathic and work as good or better than most meds and they have no side effects. the more meds you give him the more you have to worry about side effects and them working against each other. give him something to bite. I used a wet (either cold or room temp,whatever he prefers) washcloth or a leather belt...I know it sounds funny but one of my girls loved chewing on my leather, belt, wallet, anything she could find. as long as it is not something they can chew pieces off the pressure will help the pain. and try not to worry he will eat again. good luck and God bless!

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