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Christina - posted on 09/29/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've always had an issue with the way my sister-in-law raised my nephew. When he was a baby, instead of coming home from work at night she'd go out and not come in until 1-3 in the morning after my mother-in-law or I have gotten him down for the night. I was fresh out of my high school and my now husband was in his senior year. We were 18 years old. That is when I became a mother. I begged her for years to let my husband and I raise our nephew but she never agreed. I've watched for years as she has drug him around all over with people he shouldn't be around. About a month ago, my now 7 year old nephew, was involved in a very traumatic experience and has been living with us ever since. His mom sees him on the weekend for a total of 24 hours and my stop by during the week for about 10 minutes. He calls her everyday and asks her to come over, most of the time she is too busy or doesn't have the gas to drive 20 minutes to my house. Since he has been in our house his grades have come up and his behavior in school has improved dramatically. My sister-in-law tells me that she wants him to come home but doesn't want another incident to happen with my nephew there but when she gets him on Friday nights she takes him to her house. She says she wants to be the raising him but then turns around and tells my mother-in-law that he seems to be better off with us. I'm scared of pushing her on anything because she is the kind that will takes him away just to spite me. I want to get legal guardianship of him so I can make decisions myself but I don't know how to bring up the subject with her. Can anyone give me any advice?


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Julia - posted on 09/29/2015




You need to contact the childrens services ; they are called different things in each state but here in ny its called acs You need to call them, have a worker come over, DOCUMENT everything you said here including how you take care of him and get ready for a court battle. sounds like she is not going to battle you but you need to step up and fight an incompetent parent. sounds like she is an unfit mother. I would not suggest contacting a lawyer since that is a fortune and it doesn't sound like you have the money to retain one. Stick with childrens services. they don't want to take kids from family members they just want the kids to be safe and best of all, its free.

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