Raw whiskey on Gums...is it that bad?/

Mrs - posted on 05/13/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My husband's family has been using Raw whiskey for generation and oh god do they swear by it. But im not so sure that is a good idea. Im all for natural ingredient and homeopathic remedies but we still don't know about the effect of all the herbs that they are using. Per example, the hylands teething tablets who has been removed in 2010 because of the herb name belladona. They put it back on the market but it still contains it and has been causing seizure and brain bleeding in infants. Also teething gel contains alcohol and other chemicals that we don't really know what they are. I feel like at least whiskey you know what your putting its alcohol nothing else. But I heard it causes inflammation. Some of you are probably going to say ' ask your doctor' but doctors are allllll about medication like Tylenol. I refuse to give Tylenol to my baby. Anyways at this point iam confused. I want something that work and is harmless. thank youuuu

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