RE: Are you an only child, or do you have an only child?

Sharon - posted on 03/01/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




I just received this email about this conversation & unfortunately I could not respond due to the subject was closed for further discussion but I wanted to start a new conversation about the subject, I did not read all replies, I do apologize! To the mother who started the subject it is very hard to be the only child. My little girl is 5 years-old and she is the only child, sad to say when I was 29 I had her and now that I am 35 I am no longer able to have a child. My husband and I was trying two years ago but nothing happen and I thank God to this very day that I never did get pregnant again. Don't think I am being mean or just cruel, God saved a LIFE, not just one but two. At the age of 32 I was diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer and sad to say I am still fighting my couragous battle. Every now and than I look at my daughter I want to cry because she doesn't have a little sister or brother to play with, I just wish I could of gave my family that one wish to make my family completed. That is why we adopted a dog and our pet is such a GREAT companion, loves to play & protect over my child but a pet is not the same as playing with another child. Don't get me wrong I love dogs and I would not give Rosie up in the world. My daughter doesn't understand why she doesn't have anyone to play with or why she can't play with the kid down the street or why they don't come over. Sad thing every one now a days are too busy & I wish sometimes our lives were that busy. What I am trying to say nothing is wrong being the only child, there are women who can't longer have children such in my circumstances/ or other issues but I would do anything to be in your shoes to have that loving fun of joy in my life again. It's your choice and I respect your choice but I would really think twice before you close on that chapter. I wish you many Blessings & your family, good-luck in your every day tomorrows. God Bless!

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