Re post from another community : Asteroid coming close to Earth Nov. 8th

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An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will fly near Earth on Nov. 8. While there is no danger of it hitting the planet, a Purdue asteroid impact expert says a similar-sized object hitting Earth would result in a 4,000-megaton blast, magnitude 7.0 earthquake and, should it strike in the deep ocean, 70-foot-high tsunami waves 60 miles from the splashdown site.

NASA scientists reported this week that the asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass between the Earth and the moon and come within 201,000 miles of Earth on its closest approach.


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According to what I just read, it is not going to be visible with the naked eye OR with a telescope. Apparently, the best place to see it is at the NASA website. It's supposed to be at its closest point to earth at 3:28pm Pacific time. So, a little less than two hours. I was just on the NASA site and it's all just fuzzy pictures :(

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Well, I read the other day that it's passing between the Earth and the moon so if it happens at night, we should be able to see it right? Especially if it's the size of an aircraft carrier. If we can see sattelites with the naked eye, we should be able to see this thing. I'm gonna go look for info :)

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Happy Birthday Kate :) You will be able to see it with a telescope! I believe it is supposed to be around 6:20 pm in MT time zone but double check for your area

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Happy Birthday Kate! That would be so awesome if we could see it. Maybe we can, if it's supposed to be between the moon and the earth, it's probably close enough.

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HAH! Happy birthday to ME!

It's my birthday today. When, exactly, is this going to happen? Can we see it?

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I heard about this on the News (local news) amazing how they predicted this in 2005

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