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my 7 year old is really struggling to read what can i do where can i find help how do i make reading more fun and not seem like a difficult task


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Read to her a lot. This helps in many ways. It will help to improve her vocabulary and general knowledge - which should help her in all subjects, but in reading especially. Your taking time to read to her demonstrates that reading has value. And hopefully, she enjoys being read to and it helps her to develop positive associations with books and reading.

Some good read alouds for her age would be books like Charlotte's Web, the Clementine Series, the Ramona series, James and the Giant Peach, or Catwings. You can still read picture books together too, but reading a novel over several days is useful because kids look forward to reading the next night to find out what happens next.

You can also try activities that will improve her reading. Get a Fridge Poetry magnet set and make up silly sentences on the fridge. Don't put out all the words on the fridge right away. Start with just a few and add a couple at a time. If you go to an educational supply store they often have larger, sturdier word magnets.

Play games that require reading - like Scrabble Junior, Bananagrams, Smart Mouth, etc. It doesn't need to just be reading books or doing phonic sheets.

Another trick that I've used is getting the kids to help make grocery lists where I tell them how to spell the words, and then I get them to cross the items off the list at the grocery store as the things go in the cart. Point to the word "milk" on the label, and have her find milk on the list.

Also, talk to the school about the where your daughter is specifically, and what you can do to support their efforts at home. For example, if they can tell you that she's at a F or an H level in the Guided Reading program you can sign books out of the library that are the right level of difficulty to challenge but not frustrate her. Also some reading schemes use different approaches. In Guiding Reading you aren't supposed to point to individual words after a certain level of book.

There are lots of lists online that give books for particular reading level systems. It will be easy to find books for your daughter to practise if the school can give you her reading level.

Another thing I've done is to leave out words and have the kids fill them in. Either without looking at the text so they just work on learning to anticipate what word should come back by paying attention closely to the sentence, and or by reading together and stopping at words they should know so they get practise reading words without being overwhelmed by needing to reading whole passages and not being able to enjoy the story because they go so slow.

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