Reading; How to Motivate my 11 Year Old Boy

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How do i get my grade 6 son to enjoy reading read for pleasure?


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It is extremely common for boys to lack motivation for reading.

Are you a single parent? That may sound a strange question, but boys are more likely to enjoy reading if they have a male role model who demonstrates that reading is a useful and enjoyable activity.

Many boys prefer non-fiction to fiction. Try getting him some magazines or books on something he is interested in.

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I always limited TV to only Friday and Saturday nights with one weeknight. (This also meant NO video games or DVDs.) With nothing else to do, my son picked up a book. However, it was limited when he was little and he got used to it. He loves to read now. He also loves TV, DVDs, and video games. However, he chooses to read sometimes.

It also helps if your son hangs out with kids who like to read. I was fortunate because my son did.

So, maybe that won't help since he's in 6th grade. I don't know.

Maybe, someone else will have a better suggestion.


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Bobbi Jean - posted on 12/10/2012




Many times boys in sixth grade are not "book people." Try taking him to the library and checking out magazines that are geared for his age. Surprisingly, many boys like to cook. Explore websites and cookbooks. Articles on cars, motorcycles, science can often be found on line. Talk to him about what he is interested in and maybe that will help.

For some strange reason--when my son became a reader in ninth grade, he would not read books. Newspapers, magazines, books on fixing cars, and building things were his favorite. (I had to bite my tongue more than once when I found things disassembled--like my vacuum cleaner!) He also liked reading the Almanac and field survival magazines. I guess it is because they were short.

Many of my male students went through this phase from grades 6-9. They read--just not fiction or long books. Many of them picked it up again when they were older and enjoyed books again.

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