reading the book omnivores dilemma. are you locavores?

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reading this book by Michael pollan is a seriously eye opening experience. Unlike many moms I am more able to closely choose the food I give to my kids because we actually live on a farm. his description of our current food chain and its reprecussions on the human body beg for changes to be made. as moms, we are the most likely source of these changes. I plan to buy 2 copies of this book, and pass them out to read to evryone I can. how are you and your families involved in your food? arer most ppl even aware of any of it? I had an idea.. because as I said I live on a farm, but until I read this book I had no idea how deeply it went. I already freeze in season fruits and veggies, I will go 1/4 mile to the local farmers market to agument that . and can or freeze the things I didnt grow. I will dehydrate other foods that are hard to preserve, I have recipes if anyone is interested.. things like spiced apples, pickles, and more. so pipe in, any9one read this book? if you havnt you should! locavore? why ? and in what ways ?


Krystle - posted on 01/12/2011




I loved that book! It was well written, fascinating and eye-opening! I got my husband to read it right after me, and then read his other book: In Defense of Food.

I try to eat more locally now because of this book. However, I live in Canada where a lot of vegetables and especially fruit have to be grown somewhere else, especially in winter.

What bothered me most, and what I thing should change first, was how the animals are treated. So I found a few local farms who practice sustainable farming and ethical animal treatment, and buy my beef, pork, chicken, eggs from them. It's not 100% but anything is better than the nothing I was doing before. :)

I would be interested in a spiced apple recipe you mentioned! :)

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