Ready to quit being my husband's bookkeeper

Jennifer - posted on 08/29/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi. I just wanted to vent out a little bit. My husband has to pay child support from a previous marriage. I am an accountant (my career) so along with my financial responsibilities at work, I take on the same task at home. I have everything paid on certain dates and have everything organized, especially his messy child support payments. I get all of that sorted out too no problem. The bad part of it all is that my husband is so irresponsible. He send me receipts that his ex gets on him about a MONTH after she sent him. Then they argue and he asks me where this money went and that money and I have to go figure out what he is talking about. I show him what he is looking for and it is WRONG and I didn't factor in the 50$ here or there. Fact is I don't know when he gives he cash or when he says he will pay her extra for this and that. He only tells me this when she gets mad and threatens him with court. Then it all falls back on me because I didn't know about it or pay it right when he wanted me to because I am trying to make sure we don't go negative in our account. It gets so frustrating. And recently we just got into it, because he was suppose to give her his tax forms and w2s and I gave them to him in a envelope to give to her and he never did. So she got on him about that. Thankfully I had copies. Then there was a doctor receipt he got over 2 months ago that he just sent me because she said she wouldn't let him see the kids till it was paid (which is bs you can't use your kids as collateral) and this bill was over $500 which we cannot just pay upfront. I have had it. I told him that I am not going to be the person that gets run over in this and from now on he can figure out and make the payments himself. If he doesn't pay, overpays, and what not, that is his problem not mine.

Well feels better to get that off my chest. :)


Jasmine - posted on 08/29/2014




you should talk to him about it in a non-threatening way so he is in more of a state of mind to listen then to defend. show him how irresponsible he is being well at the same time assuring him your not judging but get the point across that this is not ok at all!

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