Really disrespecting children that's not mine ,,but I live with their

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22,,20,,and18 are the ages of these children who disrespect their Mom in front of me daily,,. The oldest is a girl,,the two younger ones are boys. She has been a single Mom almost from the beginning,,,her ex- husband abused her and used her physically,,,mentally and sexually,,slept around on her with people she knew,,and had other children while married to her,,,she finally got the nerve to leave,,, but work and a need to care for her kids took priority over disclipine and teaching them respect,,,so in her gallant effort to provide,,,she passed up the opportunity to instill structure and respect. So after creating these little monsters ( now big monsters),,,They all live at home and abuse her on the regular,,,I know what you're thinking,,,,why haven't I stepped up and said something?,,,,,,well I did that once,,,and she but my head off and actually blamed me for her own insecurities,,,,my feelings were hurt so bad,,,,so that's why I'm appealing to you,,,,,I do love her tremendously and would like to marry her ( we,ve been together 3 years),,,but I'm afraid to because of the unstableness of her ability not to make her children responsible for their actions,,,and/ or ,,make them move on with their lives so that we can move on with ours,,,,,PLEASE HELP" DESPERATE"


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Here's the deal. One CAN successfully work, provide, and PARENT all at the same time. Plenty of parents do it all the time.

She chose not to, perhaps thinking that they'd "grow out of it". Well, they learned what they were taught...that she was a doormat. Since she did not choose to correct them during the formative years, she is stuck. The most she can do is serve them with legal eviction notices, enforce said notices, and give them terms for a continued relationship.

She would also benefit from counseling.

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