Really wanting another baby,overweight with clinic depression and high bp!

Lindsey - posted on 04/17/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I was diagnosed with clinical depression about a year or so ago. I am taking my meds regularly for that. I am also taking medications for my BP. I have always been over weight and this did have some risk involved with both of my pregnancies. But for some reason I still want another baby. I had the Mirena in after my son in 2008, and for the first 1 it was horrible, bleeding and pain a lot. By year 2-3 I had no cycle and bloating was horrible. I had mood swings but nothing that would cause much ruckous. By year 4 it was pure hell~ I was gaining weight like crazy, I had felt more and more depressed, my feet and ankles stayed swollen like I was still preg! My moods were like a tornado, one minute I was fine and the next I was mad and didn't know why. Needless to say by the end of year 5-my husband and I barely talked, touched or anything else. I didn't even want to look at him. I wanted no intimacy at all!!! The thought of having another kid was pure nauseas to me. I already had all these weird symptoms and each year I would tell the physician that I felt different. I took pregnancy test after pregnancy test, I thought I really was and that I would be like one of those ladies on the show "I didn't know I was pregnant!". I was sick sometimes and had many hormonal changes. I finally on year 5 in 2013 I got that horrific little Mirena out of me and within 24hours I felt like my old self. I felt as though I had a weight lifted off of me. I started the pill immediately after that, and did have a few scares. My husband and I tried to rekindle our fire and I tried to be more understand as well. I mean we were even talking DIVORCE because the tension between us was crazy. In about a week all of my symptoms were gone, and I couldn't believe it. I had read online about women that had some of the same things wrong while on the Mirena, and I guess I was in that little 10% that would experience severe side effects that the doctors do not tell you while they are placing that thing in you!
So here I am, 2 years later and still one the Pill. I have two great kids already. I have dropped the hit to the hubby a couple of times and he said "no", then he said whatever happens will happen. Just at my last exam, the doctor came right out and told me that my BMI was over 60 and that I am extreme high risk for a lot of medical problems. Scary . . . She warns me that getting pregnant with my weight over 350lbs would or could be fatal. My goal is to loose the weight to be healthy enough to have a health pregnancy without a lot of complications with my BP. I need the push to get started though. I have always wanted 4 kids, and I would love to add to my 2 that I already have.

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