rebel toddler

Porsche - posted on 03/29/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a three year old daughter, me and her dad is not together haven't been since she was 6 months... We've both have new relationships.... I've been in mine for 8 months so far and he in his for 4 months now. Pretty much I'm a little irritated every since this girl new how to get her way she use it..... My daughters father parents spoiled our daughter since the day she was born.... And basically it's like every time she comes home to me it shows she doesn't like to listen, cry's when she don't get her way or when things don't go right for her. She whines about sent and everything and she disobeys me as if I'm not her parent... I Discpline her but not as much as I should...I'll say majority of the time she with his parents more then with him although he does spend time with her. But my real question is.... How do I get her to respect me and act right... Especially when things are different at my house from how they are at his house... It's like I'll have her obeying and doing alright then she leave and goes over there and Comes back a brat basically..I'm so in need of help.we get every other week. I get her one week he get her the next. Also my daughter was fully potty trained then suddenly six months later she started peeing on herself again is that normal

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