Recently Married.. Found out I am pregnant.. husband wants and abortion..HELP

Jennifer - posted on 11/05/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I recently got married and bought a house together to accommodate the 5 children between us. All was well and good until I started feeling sick all the time and I was late on my period. Took a pregnancy test to reassure myself I wasn't and it came back positive and being a spaz I took 3 more to confirm and told my husband about it. I am on the pill and we have always been careful, but I guess not careful enough.

When I first told him, he said he had a huge smile on his face and that he was happy. He was talking about how we could rearrage the kiddos rooms to accommodate the new baby and all that kind of stuff.
We agreed to keep it between us for the time being and to talk about what we were going to do. Now just yesterday he told me he thinks I should get an abortion because it will be even harder to support all of the kids. I told him I don't not believe in that and he says he respects that, but he really wants me to consider getting it done and I refuse to ever do it. He has been kinda quiet since saying he's "thinking" all the time. Like I had also said we had said we would not tell anyone about it right away until we can figure something out. So what does he do..he goes and tells his sister... the sister who cannot keep her mouth shut. She begins messaging me and she is upset with me that I let this happen, when it is not completely my fault and now his whole family knows. I think she may be the reason this whole abortion thing came up. I feel stuck and he says he will support me in anyway that he can, yet he really wants me to consider an abortion and I could never do that. I guess I am just looking for a little advice on what to do.


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You and hubby need to go to a counseling session or two. Extended families need to be told to butt out, and the two of you need to agree on a decision.

Explain to SIL that you appreciate her 'concern', but that until you and hubby have time to discuss and make this very private decision, it's not any of her business.

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