Recently off MIRENA IUD - can I be pregnany ALREADY ?

Bianca - posted on 08/06/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




Ok so on my mirena I rarely had any periods at all. I had it for just shy of 4 years! The past 2 months I haven't really tracked when I get my period if at all. This month though I was bleeding for a good 2 weeks and got my IUD taken out at the end point of the 2 weeks. I had sex within 2 days of removal and then again 3 days later. It is now 7days later after our first intercourse without IUD. Past few days I've been struggling to keep my eyes open in the mornings (not usual for me). I've been feeling a little qweezy on and off all day for past few days, and last night I became extremely light headed and dizzy while doing nothing (has never happened to me).

What are the chances that these are some REALLy early pregnancy symptoms?

Am I playing tricks on myself?

Everything started about 3days after intercourse the first time without IUD in place.

Hate the waiting game..... and don't want to think I'm pregnant and turn out to not be.....


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I had my mirena out 20 days ago. Had u.p sex twice the day after removal and spotted for 3 days 3 days after removal. I then had a day of spotting when i wiped at 13 days after removal. About a week ago I started getting pregnancy symptoms, but getting BFN every time I test. Am I testing too soon? Could i be pregnant?

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LOL, I got this off a website after searching for a little while, the answer is that your may be pregnant.

When planning a day for your IUD removal, keep in mind that if you have your IUD removed near the time that you are ovulating, you could be at risk for becoming pregnant if you have had recent intercourse before the IUD is removed.

Sperm can live inside the vagina for up to 5 days.

Therefore, as an example, let’s say that you are scheduled to have your IUD removed on June 12, so you have intercourse on June 11 (one last time)! All goes as planned, and you have your IUD removal on June 12. If you ovulate on June 12, June 13, June 14, or June 15, you may become pregnant since the sperm (from your intercourse on June 11) can still be inside of you waiting to fertilize an egg. It is a wise idea not to have any intercourse (unless you also use a condom) for one week before your IUD removal to lower the likelihood that this scenario would occur.

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well i had intercourse on the 9th july12 and had coil removed on the 10th,,just found out i caught pregnant soon as the coil was removed as havent had intercourse since the 9th!! shocked!!!

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It is possible to become pregnant as soon as it is removed. But you can also experience some side effects while it's in or after it's removed similar to pregnancy symptoms. It sometimes takes awhile for your cycle to return. It took mine 6 weeks. We were TTC and as soon as i was able to estimate when i was ovulating we got pregnant. Approx 2 months after removal.

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I have to think it would be far too early to be pregnant especially where you had it for so long. To me it sounds like the hormones are just making it's way out of your system. Give it time, try not to stress about being pregnant.
I hope you get the result you wish:)

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I think you should just stay calm until you have a more definite sign. My "for sure" sign is my nipples start hurting REALLY bad. I don't know what yours is (if you have one) but if you do, wait until that point. I think your body is probably just trying to return to normal.

Nicole - posted on 08/06/2010




I am going on mirena next week and from everything I have read you can start trying to get pregnant as soon as it comes out, so I would assume that you can get pregnant as soon as it comes out!!! but I agree that you probably wouldn't be having symptoms so soon!!!!

Alison - posted on 08/06/2010




It seems really unlikely that you would ovulate so quickly and that you would have symptoms so soon after conception. A few months ago I was so tired and queezy I actually took a pg test (I'm on Mirena), but it turned out to be a flu.

In any case, I wish you all the best!!!

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