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I've read in a few places that red 40 can cause behavior problems with young children. My daughter's 2 1/2 years and loves fruit snacks, gummi bears (that she gets from Daddy) and yogurt (especially the kinds that are designed for kids that have cartoons on the packaging.) Those are the main places where she'd get red 40 in our diet. She sometimes has meltdowns where nothing will soothe her - but then, she's 2 and that's considered normal for 2 year olds (I think - she's my first.)

I suggested to my husband tonight that we cut back on red 40 or cut it out entirely. He dismissed this idea despite her literally bouncing off the walls when it was her bedtime tonight and he'd given her gummi bears three hours before bed. (Gummis are his fav. snack food too.)

Has anyone else had problems with it in their children's diet & behavior? Any suggestions of how to convince my husband to cut back?


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What you see with your daughter is very, very common. Red 40 is one of 7 synthetic dyes made from petroleum that affect behavior, learning, and other health condtions. You see it more with the red 40 because it is the dye most in things kids take in but all will do it. I hope you will get them out of your daughter's food. There is dye free substitute for nearly everything--including gummies!

Two resources: (Watch the video)


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Honestly, artificial coloring isn't good for any body in any amount. If it's got added colors it's probably got other added crap in it, too. Gummies aren't bad as a treat, but try to find some natural ones. These are really tasty and all natural:

And this yogurt is also pretty good and easy to find (I've found it at Target and Walmart):

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I don't know about red 40, is it known by another name? Most of the colour additives are linked to hyper-activity but also are suspected carcinogens, and can cause rashes. These include:sunset yellow 110, allura red AC 129, brilliant blue 133. I would suggest doing a little on-line research and then show your findings to your husband.

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