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hi, my LO is dealing with reflux since he was born. The doctor put him on different medicine, i have change formula.. Nothing is really helping him.. i need help!!!


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Neva - posted on 11/15/2011




Some babies are just spitters. The zantac and prevacid help with the acid so that when the stomach contents come up it doesn't irritate the esophagus, but the spitting has to do with a little flap of muscle that sits at the base of the esophagus and the top of the stomach. This flap opens with food goes in and closes to keep it in, however, a lot of babies have weak muscle tone in this flap, so any pressure in the stomach allows the contents to go the path of least resistence, which is up. As long as your baby is growing normally, having normal wet diapers, etc. he will outgrow this. For some it may take until they are walking to get gravity and improved muscle tone to help the situation. Sitting upright for a half hour after feeds, elevating the head of the crib by rolling a towel or blanket and putting it under the mattress, and not over feeding, all help. Also keeping a good supply of spit cloths is also helpful.

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they didn't put him on anything. Couple months ago his pediatrican put him on zantac and now he is on prevacid. The medicine is not helping him. The GI doctor didn't give us any medicine.

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hey kat, i went to GI specialist this morning and they didn't do a darn thing to him.. It was a waste, they just told me to feed him more solid and less formula.

Katherine - posted on 11/14/2011




Sit him up 1/2 an hour after he eats. Roll up a towel and put it under his mattress.
My daughters both had it. You may have to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

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