Refuses to eat baby food...

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My 7 month old now refuses to eat baby food. She only wants what I'm eating. What do I do!?


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Make sure whatever is on your plate is something she can eat. Feed her off of your plate. I put a baby food jar on my plate and pretended to eat a few times so my daughter would think it was a good idea. When she was older I put veggies on my plate and not heres. She begged for them :)

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i agree with sara - give it to her. my son was on table food by 7.5 months and he's done wonderful. just steam and cube her veggies so they're soft and make meat small then let her go.

Jenni - posted on 04/11/2011




My daughter did the same thing around 8 months. Just offer her appropriate finger foods or mashed foods she can pick up with her hands. It may be a bit messier, but that's how they seem to like it. ;) I tried baby food again last week after taking a break for awhile and she liked it again. But I still mainly offer her soft, mushed fingerfoods. She loves whole grain rice with boiled veges chopped up finely in it.

Oh. and buy one of those netted thingies.... I'm not sure what they're called. Maybe someone can help me out. But you can put any food in it and they suck on it through the net.

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Give her what you're eating. Look up baby-led weaning. Babies don't have to eat mush. Just make sure the food is steamed soft and cut up or in large chunks that they can suck on.

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