Reggio Emillia or Montessori School? Help!!!

Marquetta - posted on 08/11/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi all, I am looking for a dynamic Reggio Emillia or Montessori based curriculm school for my 15 month old son in San Diego, please help!!!


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You know what I think it is great that you want to help your child. I asked a couple of relatives that live out there and they like the Montessori School better. They said the Reggio Emillia was good but that they liked the scheduled Montessori school better just because it does a better job of scheduling without seeming like a schedule for the kids.
Personally I called every preschool in my area. Once I narrowed it down to my top five I talked to my husband and got his thoughts on those. We then narrowed it down to 3. Once we narrowed it down to three I set up appointments to visit and interview the schools. I prepared a list of questions that we had and added a few that I found other mothers had asked. My husband even put in one or two that I hadn't covered. We then went to the schools and completed the interview and visit. I did it during school hours so I could see how the teachers interacted with the students and how the students behaved. I still have that list of questions if you would like a copy. The school we picked only did half days of school but they had a equally wonderful childcare facility attached to the school for those parents that worked all day. The kids that were at both would also be escorted by a teacher or helper to and from one area to another. No child was ever left alone. That school also had a 5:1 ratio to better help each child if need be.
Ok. I have rambled. I hope I have helped a lot more that Vanessa C. Statistic are fine but we each know our child better. I say ignore her and move on with your plans. Good luck and god bless.
Again let me know if you would like me to send a copy of my questions I can with no problems.


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Vanessa - posted on 08/11/2010




Why? Studies have proved that these children have more trouble adapting to mainstream schooling when the time comes (be it primary or high school).
The curriculums are awesome - however doesn't help the child learn to fit into the mainstream school of thought which although we like to encourage free thinkers etc. isn't really standing our kids in good stead in the long run.
I'd think carefully Hun.

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