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ok well my boyfriend and I have been together for a year, and things have really gotten rough lately, and just seems to take off and go to his ex house and says he visits his son, but in the meanwhile I know he goes there and vents about our relationship. It drives me insane. I don't show it, but i find it real ignorant. And I trust him that he wouldn't cheat on me. Because she has her own family with another man. But How would you feel about this? If I went and vented to my sons father I would never hear the end of it. I'm real confused.


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Well, why are you so convinced that he IS NOT going over to interact with his son? Regardless of whether or not she's got another man, if the child is your boyfriend's biological child, you have no leg to stand on.
What he and she speak about while he is there is also none of your business, to be quite blunt.
You finding his visits to his son 'ignorant' may be part of the reason you're having problems in your relationship. That CHILD comes first. Not you. You say that you 'don't show it', but I imagine you do, I imagine that when he returns to your house, you probably either give him the silent treatment, or are bitchy, which is what seems to happen when the new GF has a problem with the existing ex and child.
If you were to go to your ex and vent, that would be entirely your business as well, so you need to stop putting this between you. Accept that he's got a prior relationship, and that it seems to be a compatible co parenting arrangement.

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