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I just wanted to reach out and ask how single mamas went from transitioning to a new relationship?

I was seeing a guy for a year and a half he worked out of town so he was only home 11 days a month. We moved in together after 8 months and then I started seeing his true colors. He started drinking all the time, getting physical with me. So, I broke it off. I have always supported myself and been able to live and take care of everything on my own. No guy was going to treat me like that and have me stick around... especially with my daughter. At the end of our relationship I reconnected with my high school boyfriend. We have always been into each other and he was there for me through my entire break-up. We really get along and I know this is the guy i'm suppose to marry. He treats me and my daughter like gold. BUT he wants everything right now. it's been about 4 months and he wants to start looking at houses and be everything my daughter needs by supporting a nice and loving home for her. What do i do? How do I handle this? Should i do it since it feels so right and I know I'm going to marry this man or do i let him down easy? My daughter really connected with my ex and his two kids. I feel like it might be hard for her to just jump into another relationship.


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If you are meant to be with this man he will wait. Let him know that you need to take things slowly.
If he really is supportive of you he will respect what you want.

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