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my son stopped believing in God and says there is no proof..... lol he's obviously being dumb the bible is proof is says it is the truth so he is wrong right? am I dumb for thinking that it is proof right and what do I do?


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Arpita - posted on 08/25/2015




There is no wrong or right. It is not a question of proof, it is the perspective. Everyone has the right to express his/her own view, to perceive a thing in his/her own way. We can only try to understand the perspective of the other person to understand him. What I personally feel, we should not preach even to my son. He is a different individual and at the same time I am very much related to him. So I always try to understand his opinion and discuss my opinion with him in a friendly manner.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 08/25/2015




Oh my. What a 'christian' woman the OP is portraying.

FYI, OP, Religion is an opinion, not a fact. Belief in God is FAITH, not FACT. Neither of you are right, but IMO, YOU are in the wrong for trying to force your opinion on anyone else, including those in this forum who may not have the same religious or practical views.

Go ahead and post this in the "christian moms" page...and you'll actually find that your incredibly unforgiving attitude isn't very welcome there either. Christianity, and any other religion is a BELIEF. Those beliefs are based on writings by people who either claimed to be touched by God, or a prophet of the Entity (whether that be God, Buddah, Allah...) In FACT, God, as a person does not exist. There MAY have been a person born way back when that was presumed to be the 'son' of God, but without actual forensic evidence of such, there is no actual PROOF that God exists, or ever existed.

That being said, I have my own PERSONAL faith, which is backed up by many events that would take far to long to relate here. Suffice to say: I believe in the existence of a higher power, and that the higher power is a beneficial aid to my and my family's existence. However, not EVERYONE believes as I do, and (at least where I live) that's OK! Perfectly allowable, actually, as each of us is an individual, and is bound to have our own individual take on things.

Bottom line: Your son has different beliefs than you do. That doesn't make him wrong, and you right. Sorry...LMAO

Jodi - posted on 08/25/2015





But here goes.

Religion is about belief and faith not proof. There is no proof God exists. But there is also no proof that he doesn't. Just for your information, the Bible is not proof of God, it is evidence of people's BELIEF and FAITH in God.

Dove - posted on 08/25/2015




Neither of you are dumb. You are just looking at things differently.

Now... I do believe that the Bible is true and that God is very real, but I can not 'make' anyone else agree w/ me.... and neither can you. Pray for him and urge him to keep seeking answers, but arguing w/ him and calling his belief dumb is a pretty sure fire way to damage your relationship and push him further away from where you want him to be.

Michelle - posted on 08/25/2015




Everyone has the right to believe what they choose to believe.
I'm not religious and find many, many flaws in the bible (yes, I have read it).
Both of you are right in your own opinion and it's probably best not to turn it into an argument, unless you want to lose your son.

If you want people to say you are right, then go and post this in the Christian groups on this site. They will give you all the validation you want.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/25/2015




BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......A picture will doom me....ok then.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/25/2015




Why do either of you have to be right? You both have your opinions and your beliefs. Jamming your religion down someones throat will not make them believe. You believe there is enough proof because of the bible, he does not. You still love him. He still loves you. Not everyone believes in the bible, or any organized religion. That does not make them a bad person, nor does it make them dumb.

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