Remedy for constipation of 1month old infants


Christina - posted on 10/16/2014




Hi Robin,
I am sure you have scoured the web looking for general ideas for the resolution to this issue. I can tell you what all I had to do with my son who was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at birth. The doctors said to make sure he got a lot of water. I breastfed my son but had to also introduce water into his diet when he began solid foods. Are you formula feeding your baby? Sometimes it is the iron content in the formula that constipates the baby. Maybe look for a low iron formula and introduce a bottle of water and see if that helps. Also, is there any other issues apparent? Like, more sleeping than normal, or a hoarse cry? If so, I would go and ask your pediatrician to look over the little one. Perhaps get a blood test to make sure there isn't anything going on that can be caught early. My son slept all the time before his condition was caught and meds regulated it but constipation had always been an issue. I hope this helps some.

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