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Rachel - posted on 07/05/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I are going on a cruise with my family and our 8 month old daughter is coming along. I'm trying to figure out how to do this without the carseat, as it turns out with all of our research and excursion picking, we won't need it at all during the cruise. The biggest issue is I'm meeting my husband in the city we're cruising from because he will already be there for a conference. So that means I'm traveling alone with a huge bulk of stuff and the baby, so I'd love to not bring something so big we won't really need. We are staying with good friends for a couple days before the cruise, and they have a current carseat they will be picking us up with at the airport.

The issue is, they're not available to drive us to the boat the day we leave. There are no hotels within reasonable walking distance to the dock (considering how much stuff we'll have with the baby, luggage, etc). Otherwise we'd just have them bring us to a hotel the night before and we'd walk over from there to the dock. So the options we're considering are calling a car service where we can book a carseat, or renting a car with a carseat instead of even having them bother picking us up.

I don't want to check her carseat, as to me that seems almost as (un)safe as using a rental carseat. The idea of checking the carseat and then lugging it around for 10 days for a single 15 minute drive doesn't seem worth the risk to our current carseat.

Would anyone consider one of the other options (renting a car with a carseat, or using a car service that has a carseat)? Or is there another option I'm not considering? I'd love any advice!


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Yes, and we have done it. If it is a reputable dealer, it will be a good car seat beings they do not want something happening to a baby when they are the ones renting the car seat. I totally feel that is a great option. Good luck! And have a great cruise.

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