Repeating kindergarten ???

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Hello! I was called in for a meeting yesterday at my son's school. I was informed that my son would most likely need to repeat kindergarten. My son has been in this school since nursery. His emotional development has been a topic of conversation since day one. But less that a month ago I was told he is excelling in every subject. That he exceeds expectations. "Academically he is there!" Is what I was told. He needs to work on listening and focus. In this meeting -three weeks later, I was told he is below average in learning and progress and that he "breaks down" all day and is not open to learning. I was informed that he will only be offered a spot in kindergarten. I was shocked! His father refuses to hold him back and is willing to find a new school. Thoughts? Has anyone experienced this before? This is a private school and I feel they just no longer want to be bothered with any extras. Thank you for your support.


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You need to do what is best for your son. How old was he when he went to kindergarten this year? How close to the cut off date was he five years old? It may not be that he is not acacemically ready but he could be immature for his age. Some kids at age five are not ready for the pressures of school. Some are kept home until age of 6. My son was nearly 6 when he started school as he was a January baby. But he was still not ready maturity wise. But he moved forward. I would have rather had him stay a year behind. The school ended up putting him in resource classes in first grade. ALso my sister did not do well in first grade. When we moved and started a new school, she was enrolled in first grade once more. It did her a world of good to repeat. so repeating a grade is not a bad thing.

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