Report cards !? How important are they in childrens' educations?

Mercede - posted on 02/16/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,

My son, in grade 2, brought home his report card yesterday. He's lowered down to all G's(good) from all E(excellent)levels, and all B's from A+. So, naturally I freaked out and asked him why he's getting only "good" and not "excellent" and where are all A+ marks? He's a very bright boy and always one of the highest students in his classes. but, I know that's just how he is, he doesn't actually work hard to earn it. So, as I was venting over this and starting to give him a list of the privileges he may loose as a result, he asked me: Mom, what's the different between good and excellent and what's a big deal about B or A? I tried to explain it to him that there is a big difference between the two: "Excellent" means you've done your best and have been the best which is not what "Good" is.

However, I would like to know other moms' intakes on this. How important is a report card to you. and how do you deal with it when you're in a similar situation.

Thanks for your ideas.


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My son is in first grade, and I view the report cards as something to gauge his progress with. If he drops on something, I usually ask about it. If he doesnt have a good answer, I'll inquire with his teacher about what's going on in class and how I can help at home to get him back up there.

Thing is, this is just the start. Kids don't all make straight As, or Es, or whatever letter the school decides on for this year. Children won't remain at the top of their class - it's the law of averages at work. Maintaining the enthusiasm for learning and growth in the educational arena is the important thing, here. He's not failing, or even getting close to Cs.

If it were a very drastic change, like going from As in a class in one quarter to a C or D the next, then that might be indicative of a problem either academically, socially, or emotionally. But while 2nd grade is not too young to instill in him the drive to do well and succeed at his endeavors, at no age should a child be told that it's not good enough unless it's better than anyone else.

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He's in Grade 2, which means he's what? 7or 8? Do you really think it is appropriate for you to vent at him about it, and threaten to lose privileges over what is still essentially a decent report (or at all for that matter)?

If you are concerned about it, then the child isn't the person to vent at here, how about talking to the teacher and asking her why he has dropped from As to Bs. He/she is likely to be able to give you more insight than your child can, and starting to threaten punishment before knowing the why of it is rather unproductive, and most probably ineffective.

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If he did his best... the actual grade would not matter. If he did not do his best... that would be the part that bothered me.

If a child does their very best and is only getting C's.... that would make me 'happier' than a child that is totally slacking and getting B's. If that makes any sense.

Either way... I wouldn't be putting much, if any, emphasis on the actual grade in second grade. Just on if he is doing all his work and doing his best.


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Mercede - posted on 02/16/2012




Jodi, you made a point here and I agree with you. I think I overreacted. as I said in my first post, he's smart and above average in the class, but that's not because he works for it. He's careless about his assignments and school responsibilities. I can see that kids who are not as smart as he is get better marks and more recognition by the teachers only because they make great efforts and take responsibilities for their school jobs.

Yesterday, as I was upset about the report card, he said " but mom, this is not like I'm not going to pass! "As young as my son is, I don't want him to be satisfied with just anything above failing marks, then what will come next?

I think the sooner we set the expectations, the better.

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