requesting child support modification

Valentines - posted on 10/22/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son father pays me child support. He currently retired . He will be getting a state pension but has not yet applied for social security as well. He has not paid for his half of medical Co payments for our son. He wants a modification in his child support obligations. He is claiming decrease income and claiming his own medical bill because he said he has lots of bills and is sick him self. He does not want to speak to me in person. He has his own help insurance. I need his continue help. And want to request and increase in child support because my health insurance has gone up, I want to request for continuing education support for my son. My son's father has been verbally abusive. He a been verb ally abusive to his son as well to the point that my son no longer wants to see him . My ex does not have any high expectations for my son . He refuses to acknowledge he has anger issues. And wants to make a deal with me outside of court. I believe he is not telling get me the truth . He threaten that if we go to court I'll get less support but offers me 500 hundred a month not to go to court. He wants an answer from me and I feel like going to court file get my self


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Ev - posted on 10/22/2016




As for the rest of it, that should have been dealt with in court as far as support and paying his portion of medcial bills of child.

Michelle - posted on 10/22/2016




Like Dove said, go to court.
If his income has gone down then expect his child support to decrease as well.

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