Resentful of step kids expenses? I understand

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I read "resentful of step kids expenses" and a month ago would have completely agreed with some of the harsh critics responses. However, 2 weeks ago, my husband (to whom I have been married for 10years and have 3 children with) announced that he has a 13 year old son whom he left when he was a year old. Aside from the shock of this revelation, and many other things that I now need to think about, one of the factors is financial. I have welcomed this boy as my children's brother, which he is, and he has my complete support and compassion. It is not his fault!

Having said that, we have 3 small children, aged 3, 5 and 7, and a big mortgage etc. I gave up my career as a vet to be a mom and build our house and run a smallholding so we are dependent on my husbands income. I know that he is prone to large gestures and is feeling guilt over his neglect of this child (who lives overseas) and now overseas flights each year, and making up for 14 years of neglect is going to be a huge payback. Our lifestyle is definitely going to change because of this. The payoff for my kids is that they will hopefully be able to have a wonderful relationship with another brother.

I am glad that the person who wrote the letter at least knows what she is getting into, but yes, the complexities of multi-parent families is never going to be easy!


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**The other post was locked for a reason. Bringing up the same issue will result in more personal attacks. I am locking this thread. Please respect why the other thread was locked**

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