Resources for alcohol counseling - I need some help finding

Desiree - posted on 10/21/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm in the United States - in Austin,TX to be specific. When I try googling I'm just overwhelmed and more confused, so I need at least a place to start from. Ideally within a week I can at least be making some phonecalls....

So, the alcohol counseling is not for me, it's for my boyfriend. He refuses to go to AA which sucks, because we're living off his low working wages right now. We have a 10 week old baby and I have no income.

I need to find either a free alcohol counselor if the option exists out there, or very low sliding scale. I can kind of understand why my boyfriend is put off by AA, from everything we know about it, it seems almost culty, religious... anyway, he wants an actual counselor/therapist, someone more "normal" and understanding and less dogmatic in approach. The AA thing would probably just piss him off even if he just tried it, the last 2 people he's known to go that route have ended up acting more brain washed than anything else.

This is the only place I really know where to start which might actually be helpful. Any ideas will be much appreciated! I've been putting off a real search for so long now because googling just makes it seem even more impossible... sorry if this just inundates circle of moms with too many posts. Thanks, though, for any help I can get on this matter...

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