respect and obedience from my three-year-old

Annemarie - posted on 09/22/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello Moms :)

I have a three-year-old son, and he does not listen or respect me. He runs away, punches me, tells me no, etc. He does NOT act this way towards his Father, my hubby.

Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas? I would appreciate it greatly!



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Cecilia - posted on 09/22/2013




I would say what does his dad do differently than you. Honestly sit down one day and watch him. Or simply ask him what he does different than you. You might be surprised that he knows where you're struggling at. Could simply be you're showing your son frustration and he uses it against you.

I will say that he has a ton of punishment going on and not equal good behavior rewards. So if he hits you he loses internet and a pebble. If he doesn't hit all day does he get a pebble? How long does this jar take to fill? If it's taking him weeks to do it, the task is too hard.

The goal should be obtainable within 2-3 days to keep them interested in the process of earning rewards, any longer and it's not worth it. They don't have to be big prizes either. Dollar store toys from the party bag section will do great, or a bag of army men given out one at a time.

Sometimes (almost) instant gratification is great. At the grocery store tell him if he can get through the store with 1 warning he can get a snack, one you approve of, of course. This will teach him right away that listening in the store pays off and is more likely to do it right in the next few tries.

Annemarie - posted on 09/22/2013




He gets a time out. He has a pebble jar - good behavior, he receives pebbles, bad behavior pebbles get taken away, and when the jar is full he gets to go buy a toy. Also, he likes to play on pbs kids (the Internet), but if he hits me or misbehaves, he does not get to play the games. If we are out, at a store, for example, and he runs away, he has to sit in the cart.

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