Responsible ownership not unruly dogs PLEASE

Julie - posted on 04/25/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




I read a post about a youngster being bitten by a dog and was going to respond but the conversation was closed. I have been a dog owner all my life and know that if my dog ever bit i would not hesitate to have it destroyed. A responsible dog owner would not let a dog roam free. A dog should be on a leash at all times while out on the normal streets only let go at dog parks or dog beaches and then only if you know your dog is not a danger to others. Your yard or garden should be properly secured. A responsible dog owner would have a well balanced trained dog and this takes time and commitment. If you are not willing to put in the time or commitment then you shouldnt own an animal at all. Unfortunately all dogs are tard with the same brush as the ones that have bitten but this is not so. It is not the dogs fault it is not the breed it is the owners and handlers and as such these irresponsible people should not have a dog. I have had collies german shepherds and now have a staffie and have trained all my dogs and never let them roam free. today we wnt to a doggy beach and had to move further up the beach twice because my 4 month old puppy gets giddy still and has still not finished his training as such i would not let him off the leash near children so when someone with a child came near us we moved to a more isolated spot and had a great day. dogs need to be trained and socialised and any responsible owner would do this. I love putting in the time because I find it enjoyable watching a silly giddy puppy turn into a well rounded adult the same as my children had to be taught manners and everything else so do dogs so please any dog owners train your dog dont let it turn into a dog people are afraid of because it puts them off every dog for life and a dog is an enjoyable animal when treated right. my neices and nephews range from 4 months to 14 years and the older oneing with the dog when they visit

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