Risks of 2# preemie?

Stephanie - posted on 01/17/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi! I'm new here and was hoping for advice :)
We have a complicated situation where we were matched with a birthmom to adopt her baby and she was induced 2 wks early because of complications and delivered a 2# baby! Now beings we have not signed any papers we technically can't get any info on the baby, and we are being told that the baby has no issues, but is expected to be in NICU 3-4months! Are we being told the truth? Is it possible to only be 2 wks early and your baby only weigh 2 pounds and actually have no problems??? It all seems a little fishy to us and we are so worried to take the leap of faith!! The mother was in real financial straight and don't know how much she saw the dr. so it is possible 'her' due date was off, but even a couple wks off wouldn't make a 2# baby normal would it? Thanks for any help!!!


Kayla - posted on 01/17/2014




It doesn't make sense to me why the baby is only 2 pounds, when it was only 2 weeks premature? My baby was born 3 weeks early and she still weighed 7lbs, and had no complications at all. If the baby has no issues at all, they wouldn't keep it in NICU. If the baby does in fact only weigh 2 pounds, then yes, it would have issues and they would keep it in NICU. Something isn't adding up here though with that story, seems very fishy to me as well.

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