Risperdal: To be or not to be

Traci - posted on 09/07/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son age 10has adhd. He takes Ritalin at 7am(2 10mg) and again 11am (2x10mg)
He takes 1mg Risperdal at 5pm. Same meds and amount for 3+ years . We are ok with Ritalin although I wud like it to last longer. Ritalin takes appetite away
Risperdal gives him ferocious appetite and he is putting on a lot of weight. Like a light switch he becomes ODD. rude wont listen and has bursts of anger out of nowhere. He even says "mom these tabs aren't nice. My questions are:
1. I want him off but want no weight gain issues & must obv relax him. Could there be a herbal sub.
2.What is the latest time in a day to give him Ritalin and if he has a over the top day can I give 1 extra Ritalin.
3.How long should u slowly wean him off risperdal
4. As they grow should the dosage be altered accordingly
5 Give me foods that should not be eaten that will agitate his adhd. He refuses most veg
6 Are then any avenues I could explore to get the best knowledge possible for adhd and odd
7. He almost always becomes defiant when I ask him to do sthing so I need to communicate better and let him no I am the mom and I want his respect and I am the mamma bear b4 its out of control.
I really need some advice moms
Traci Rossi

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