Rock Concert for 11 yr. old?

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Our son is a good kid, but he's idolizes his dad. My husband wants to take him to his first concert to his favorite band, Metallica. I like that band, and the lead singer doesn't drink or swear anymore, so I'm ok w/the music per se (not all of the songs). However, it's not the music or the band I'm concerned about, it's the people going to the concert. There will be a lot of drinking and pot smoking and I don't want our son to be exposed to this at this age. I think it's too young. I need solid advice on reasonable reasons to talk my hubby out of this. Thanks.


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hi just wanted to say metal gigs are not as bad as theyre made out to be, metalheads are very respectful of eachother. There might be pits depending on who you go to see but if you dont want to go in just move away from it. As for your child getting hurt, either stay at the barrier or at the back of the crowd, i go to metal festivals every year and gigs in between and theres always young children there. My daughter is 6 and loves metal im hoping to take her to her 1st gig this year :]

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My 11 year old daughter has been to about 10 concerts already, but they are Avril Lavine, Jonas Brothers..etc. I know that heavy metal, which my husband listens to and we attend the concerts are not the same as what my daughter has been exposed to. You can explain to your husband the sound is extremely loud (ear piercing), people getting sick from drinking to much, the smoking (even if only cigarettes) pot, the way the woman dress (some with body paint), the language others speak, the people shoveing in line and they end very late. You can say they sold out, which most likely will be true. Good Luck!!

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I can't because I dont' think there's anything wrong with it as long as he's with a trusted and loving adult. Yes, he may see some bad things but that's easily turned around into a 'this is why you don't do drugs' conversation.

So good luck.

ETA: ABout the noise. I do agree that earplugs should be used. You'll actually have a better hearing of the music because they will drown out the noise of the crowd.

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Let him go He will remember it for the rest of his life and it is awesome that he has such a wonderful relationship with his father.

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i do believe that 11 is too young for a rock concert. ask your husband does he want your son to be smoking drugs and have a hearing problems? just tell him how u feel too. hope this helps. good luck and merry christmas.

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Would your husband take him to a house party where adults were smoking pot in front of him? If not, then I would say that the concert is an inappropriate venue for your son. I'm not saying anything about the music or band, but the behaviour that your husband is well aware of, wouldn't be a place for an 11 year old....that's my take on it, good luck

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My hubby would tell u no way! He's been to one and got a contact high just from being there.

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I have to agree with "facebook user's" response. Not only is the music really LOUD for yough ears but you have to worry about what will happen at the concert that a child should not see. I went to a Metallica concert as a teenager and I was shocked at some of the stuff I saw. You can't control what goes on around you like you said. I am sure he would remember the concert more for the other happenings than the music itself when it is all said and done....

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Has your husband been to a Metallica concert? My husband's immediate response is that he wouldn't take anyone under 18 to a Metallica concert, as he has been to them. He said there would be drug use, nudity, and other circumstances that an 11 year old should not be exposed to. My husband's pretty easy going, so it surprised me just how quickly he responded with a "no".

User - posted on 12/20/2008




11 is a little young for Metallica but then, I'm 54 yrs old, was cool when cool was invented, and I do know what happens socially, as in behavior, (of other people), .

Metallica is not comprehensible to an 11 yr old on a high intellectual level.

I'd wait, but that's just my opinion

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