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My son is 7 and a half months old. Since he was born he was in a routine of 6am bottle, back to bed, get up about 8-8.30ish. Breakfast at 10am, then nap at 11am, lunch at 2pm, then nap qat 3pm and then dinner 6pm then bed. My son slept through the night no problems.

Then my HV said that he shouldnt be getting a bottle at 6am in the morning that he should be going until 7am, that his breaky was way to late for him and he was having too much sleep. So I changed his routine to 7am breakfast, 10am snack, then a nap is he looks tired, 1pm lunch, then nap, 4pm dinner and 6.30pm bottle and bed. Now he wakes up every 3 hours in the night and we havent had a decent nights sleep in ages. He still wakes up in the night, im up at 6am every day making him wait til 7am. Ive got no control over the situation like i used to.

Any advice please.


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if the routine doesn't work for you then scrap it! You need your sleep to keep your sanity. Go back to the old routine except make his 6am bottle a breakfast and bottle. Then his old breakfaast become his snack and keep the rest the same. He is probably getting up because he is hungry. He now only get a bottle before bed whereas he was used to supper before bed.

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Blummin HV's, I have always gone by what my daughter wants and as a trained childcare practitioner we are taught routine, routine, routine as this helps babies to develop a sense of belonging. If a child knows what to expect they tend to become more confident in themselves as they are usually content. If you suddenly change your sons routine for no reason he may stop sleeping at night and refuse food because he is not ready for a feed or going to bed hungry. I breast feed my daughter and she feed every 1.5 to 2 hours at first but slept for 7 hours at night HV told me this was not right, I didn't listen to the advice, my daughter would only sleep on her front!! If I put her on her back she would sleep for 2 hours max but on her front she would sleep for as long as she needed. Be lead by your baby, hope this is helpful & good luck x

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