Routine for 3 months

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My son usually wakes between 6 and 7 will have 7ounces and go back to sleep after a half an hour. Then wakes between 9 and 10 I will bring him down stairs then and give him cereal and have play time. About 11 or half he will have 5 ounces and go back asleep for 40 min. When he wakes I'll get him washed and dressed bring him on a walk or play with him. At 2 half 2 he will then have between 6 to 7 ounces the same again at half 5or half 6 depending on his last feed. I'll bath him half an hour later. After his bath he will have a rusk and go asleep about 7 or 8. I WAKE HIM AT 11 ( should I )?? For a 7 ounce bottle and then he goes strait back to sleep till the morning. During feeds in the day he sleeps for a hour after each one or longer if were out. Is this good?? Is he sleeping to much??


Diedre Mackenzie - posted on 09/26/2012




Your baby is only 3months old.? No He isn't sleeping to much but he also doesn't have a Fully stable routine. When My daughter was 3months old i put the cereal in her bottle's so she'd actually get full when she ate. Then I tryed to keep her up for most of the day so she'd sleep all night. We woke up at 6am to feed her and so i could get ready for school.

I would make sure she slept for her nap around 3hours after her lunch time bottle. But try feeding him by listening to him. He will let you know if he's hungry. I did that with my daughter. She put her self on her own schedule. Her bed time was at 8pm.

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