Routined 16 month old suddenly waking very early?

Kazza - posted on 09/15/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi there, our 16 month old has always been a great sleeper. In a routine since he was 4 weeks old and a very happy little kid who sleeps from 7.30pm until 7am every day. But For the last few days he has been waking at 5am. He doesn't cry or call out for us. Just sits in his cot happily playing with his favourite Ted. He has only one nap during the day from noon until 2pm, and i have no idea why he is waking so early? Surely missing two hours sleep will have an effect on a toddler so young. I read that they should sleep 14-15 hours in total per day.

Then Last night he woke at 8pm and vomited. :( When we took him out to change the bed clothes he was a little upset naturally, but within minutes he seemed fine again and had no fever. When we put him back in the cot with clean sheets he stayed awake until 1am!! Not crying. He called out for us a few times, but as he wasn't upset we thought it best to leave him. I'm not so worried about the vomiting as we went swiming yesterday and I noticed that he swallowed quite a bit of pool water. (any tips to help teach toddlers to keep their mouth closed going under water would also be much appreciated). But I am a little preoccupied about him getting the right amount of sleep.

I am a first time mom. Am I worrying over nothing?


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Sabina - posted on 09/15/2012




I have a 15month old daughter and she use to nap from noon till 2pm but then wouldn't sleep through the night for us. Now I put her down for a nap at 10am and she sleeps till noon. Goes to bed for the night at 8pm and is up by 7am . Maybe try changing the nap time and bed time it worked for us.

Lacye - posted on 09/15/2012




If you are worried about him waking up so early, make him go to bed a little later than usual at night. That's what I would do with my daughter.

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