running out of time for birth certificate and taxes

MELISSA - posted on 05/06/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




I need urgent advise. I live in Ca, my daughter just turned 2. I had not done any paper work for her when she was born in the hospital hoping her dad would come around and agree to sign her birth certificate. He never did claiming that he didnt believe she was his. To make a long story short he still has not come around so i went to county clerk and they sent me a document stating that they did not find a record after being put under investigation. They sent me papers to fill out and send to the health department to see if i could get it from them. I told the lady at the county clerk that she had no name but on the paper they sent me it said the search for the name i wanted on it could not be found. so on the new paper work it says to put name given at birth, i dont know what to put and my extention for taxes is not long enough i fear for this to be worked out and then the proccess to get ssn. any one can relate to this please help.


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/06/2015




Your daughter is 2 and doesn't have an SS number or birth certificate? How have you been able to take her to the doctors etc?

Anyhow.....get the paperwork and fill it out with your name and info on it. Then go get a paternity test. If the father refuses to do it, then get a court mandated one.

OR...just get a lawyer and have then help you. This has been way to long, and unfortunately procrastination is catching up with you.

Raye - posted on 05/06/2015




What you should have done right after she was born, if the father refused to sign the birth certificate, is to turn it in without his name on it. Then you should have taken his ass to court for custody and child support. The court would have ordered a DNA test to prove he is the father and set up visitation for him and child support payments.

As far as what last name to give your child, that's up to you. If the father has been out of the picture, then use your last name. If circumstances change in the future, and you/she wants her to have her father's last name, it can be changed later for about $200. You still need to take his ass to court for custody, because you don't want him to be able to show up at some random point in the future and try to steal her away from you. Don't think it couldn't happen, because many women on here have experienced just that.

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