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Okay first off none of us are sisters, were all married to brothers. The two sister in laws are 9 years older than me, but its like they always talk crap about each other and they BOTH had infertility issues, one was honest about having invitro and the other one had the audacity to ask me to wait to have a baby until she had one? I feel like shes always competing with me like the oldest is blonde, the one i dislike is a mousy brown, and Im a guiddo with jet black hair we couldnt be polar opposites if the brothers tried, well the one i dislike died her hair black and wore white to my wedding along with my mother in law... anyways my husband let it slip to his brothers the night before the wedding my eggo was preggo the one who had invitro was very happy and the one that was not pregnant was NOT! she got so pissed anyways she made me feel so guilty and miserable that i got prepartum depression and postpartum, I have hardly enjoyed mother hood but have always wanted to be a mother! My child is a very sickly child and she says we make up his health issues. Well she announced her miracle baby pregnancy a few days before my SCHEDULED induction date!! My m-i-l even refers to her granddaughters as miracle babies, i guess my son is just norm because I didnt have to have him spun? Anyways im like obsessive about the situation because I didnt do anything to her. How do I deal with the situation and learn to quit obsessing?? I really want to just punch her atm but shes pregnant and I would never cause harm to her child, because I already love her child even though its not here, but her mother is an oober bitch. Help am I wrong for being so angry.


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Well, sounds like she is jealous, and you are letting her get to you. Both of you need to grow up and stop blaming each other for your issues. I don't think it is fair of you to get upset that she announced she was pregnant 1 week before your due date. She is excited and has every reason to be and has every right to tell everyone. I also don't think it is right for you to blame her for your depression. Hormones are a tricky thing, and can cause all sorts of things including depression. i hope you have or will receive counseling for that.

You are not going to like this next part. I think you both need to grow up, stop competing, and get over it. If she is not willing, well....then take control of yourself. You cannot control her, but you can certainly control your actions and emotions.

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