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I don't know where to begin. My sons father is a very bad man drug dealer you name it smokes meth freely in his home and expects me to feel safe with our son staying over night. There's much more but id rather not go so far into depth. We do have a parent plan in place and he is to have him every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month from Friday 5p to Sunday 6pm. He does not drive and I live a hr away from him so he is one of those types that never show up nor does he drive he is your typical junky then make it out to be where its my fault. in which this case me living alittle ways away helps in my advantage but what if I were to quit taking phone calls and text and kept our son from him? Would or could that hurt me or anything with my sole custody? Remind you I don't receive child support absolutely nothing from him and is abusive towards him and I. He has punished our son and I witness him spank our son for telling the me something that had been the truth later on after father came out with it not realizing it I'm scared for our son and Oregon courts have been a struggle I have sole custody aswell.


Michelle - posted on 01/18/2016




For starters, unless the parenting plan is signed off by a judge, you can't do anything if he decides not to give your child back.
You need to get custody, visitation and child support sorted out in the courts. Child support and visitation are 2 separate issues and not paying has no bearing on if he can see his child or not.
When you go to court to sort out visitation, get in writing how your child is to get to his Father's and who will be driving.
If you want to limit his visitation then get hard evidence of his drug use and dealing. The courts won't listen unless you have evidence, not just your say so.
Do NOT keep your son away from his Father as that will go against you in court. It's called parental alienation and is very real. You could lose custody all together if found guilty of it.

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