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Does anyone use a saliva ovulation test? I bought ovuplan scope and I'm veru confused about the results. I see lots of clumped close together crystals and a few fern patterns, does that still mean I'm ovulating? It's confusing as I started seeing small branches 4 days ago, but it never really got to a full ferning pattern and now it's gone altogether. Does anyone have experience with this type of test and can help? Thanks.


Leonie - posted on 05/24/2012




Hi Monica, I did use this type of testing 2 years ago when trying to conceive my second child. For me, i would see a few fern patterns on the days before and after ovulation. There was a lot when I was ovulating. Regardless, whenever I started to see "ferns" no matter how many, I told my hubby that we needed to be having sex ASAP lol ( I may have said it a little more romantically but you get my point) sperm can live for a few days apparently so like I said as soon as I saw any ferns we were intimate to try and at least have sperm there or travelling there as I became more "ripe". I did successfully conceive after 3 months of trying and I found this test very helpful. I hope I have been some help for you Monica, all the best.

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